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Partner with ASU to transform learning

Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge programs, ASU brings world-class education directly into classrooms and communities.

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Accelerate ASU: bring ASU college courses to your high school

Accelerate ASU offers an innovative and flexible way for your students to experience college while still in high school. Our partnerships with high schools across the country enable students to take college-level courses designed and assessed by expert faculty at ASU.

Partnered with
350 high schools

Over 13,000 high school students have taken one or more college course with Accelerate ASU

Over 25,000 college credits earned in high school

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Access ASU: building bridges to higher education

Through family engagement, strategic K-12 education, and robust community and industry partnerships, Access ASU ensures that Arizona’s students are well-prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

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As a mother, I had many doubts and concerns about how to help my son Fabian pursue higher education. WeGrad reaffirmed the importance of education and gave me the confidence I needed to continue supporting my son … WeGrad is a valuable resource, and I am proud to have participated. Many thanks to all.

– Diana Esquivel,
Washington High School parent and WeGrad participant

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Next Education Workforce: innovating teaching models

Level up your educational approach with the Next Education Workforce initiative from ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. This pioneering program introduces team-based staffing models that enhance the teaching and learning experience.

I wouldn’t want to go back to the other way of teaching before. How much support I have, I feel like we’ve grown leaps and bounds and taken chances and done things that changed things up, tried new things that would’ve taken 10 years, and we’ve done in a year and a half.

Educator in Arizona school implementing a Next Education Workforce model
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ASU Prep professional development: tailored growth for educators

ASU Prep’s customizable professional development services cater to the evolving needs of today’s educators. Covering vital areas from AI integration to teacher wellness, these programs are designed to enhance teaching effectiveness and student engagement. Delivered both online and in-person, ASU Prep’s professional development opportunities equip educators to excel in diverse learning environments.

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Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Youth Entrepreneurship program

Foster an entrepreneurial mindset in your students with the Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Youth Entrepreneurship Program. This initiative combines educational innovation with entrepreneurship, transforming schools into hubs of technological and creative exploration. From STEM programs to interactive virtual experiences, E+I equips educators with the resources to ignite student curiosity and potential.

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