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Personal, cultural and civic learning at ASU

Explore programs ranging from art and mindfulness to leadership and public service. Expand your horizons and make a positive impact in your community.

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Mirabella at ASU

Mirabella at ASU is a pioneering University-Based Retirement Community (UBRC) on ASU’s Tempe campus that integrates retirees into the campus community as lifelong learners and active contributors to student success. This intergenerational community thrives on a shared commitment to learning and personal growth, enhancing ASU’s vibrant academic landscape.

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What is most enjoyable so far is having the opportunity to leave the Mirabella environment and to learn a subject I neglected in college, surrounded by young people. We moved from a retirement community where there were no young people and where the Lifelong Learning lectures were purposely simplified to make them entertaining, as opposed to making them intellectually stimulating.

—Frank B. Mirabella resident

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI at ASU exemplifies innovative lifelong learning for Arizona residents aged 50 and older. Offering accessible, co-generational learning opportunities both online and across 10 valley locations, OLLI cultivates meaningful connections and continuous personal development.

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OLLI provides me the opportunity to explore so many areas that weren’t on my radar when I was younger! Who knew Art and History could be so interesting! Having always been someone who had a keen curiosity for learning all sorts of stuff, once I discovered OLLI@ASU, I felt like I found a hidden treasure. When each schedule comes out, I pore over it, searching for what new areas I can explore!

—Wendy Hultsman, OLLI learner

McCain Institute

The McCain Institute champions the legacy of Senator John McCain through programs that advance democracy, human rights and leadership. It empowers leaders to combat human trafficking and prevent violence, striving for a free, safe and just world through action-focused solutions.

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The REACH Institute

Situated within ASU’s Department of Psychology, the REACH Institute transforms child mental and physical health interventions by translating research into real-world applications.

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CivEd and the Civic Leadership Institute

Housed in the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership, CivEd and the Civic Leadership Institute prepare future leaders through classical wisdom and modern insights. These programs foster ethical leadership and critical thinking, exploring fundamental questions of life and governance.

Principled Innovation Toolkits

Originating from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Principled Innovation embeds character and ethics in education. These toolkits guide equitable learning opportunities, nurturing innovative and ethical contributors to society and the future of education.

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ASU Art Museum

ASU Art Museum stands as a vibrant intersection of art, community well-being and social progress. As a teaching museum, it offers interdisciplinary learning opportunities that address contemporary challenges, connecting the arts with broader academic and community dialogues.

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Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience

Focused on building a culture of caring, ASU’s Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience offers programs that enhance community well-being. Through various training and resources, it promotes mindfulness as a core aspect of personal and professional life.