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K–12 learning

ASU is reshaping K–12 education, creating an innovative continuum of learning for both learners and educators.

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For educators

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For learners and families

Resources for educators

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Accelerate ASU

Students who complete college courses in high school are more likely to go to college than those who don’t. That’s why we created Accelerate ASU — a flexible way to experience college, in high school. Partnerships with high schools across the country enable students to take courses designed by ASU faculty and that align with ASU degrees.

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ASU Prep professional development 

Customize your professional growth with our suite of development services, ranging from AI integration to wellness. Our programs are tailored for maximum flexibility and impact, designed to help you thrive in any teaching environment.

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Next Education Workforce

The Next Education Workforce initiative from ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College pioneers team-based staffing models in schools. This ground-breaking approach has already been adopted by over 45 schools across 10 systems, impacting more than 500 educators and 10,000 learners.

I wouldn’t want to go back to the other way of teaching before. How much support I have, I feel like we’ve grown leaps and bounds and taken chances and done things that changed things up, tried new things that would’ve taken 10 years, and we’ve done it in a year and a half.

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Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Youth Entrepreneurship program

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For learners and families

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ASU’s Universal Learner Courses

Learn online at your own pace with ASU’s Universal Learner Courses. Over 70 first-year courses allow learners of all backgrounds to explore new fields or deepen existing knowledge without the financial pressure.

You have the option to earn college credits after completing the course, choosing to pay only if you are satisfied with your grade. This unique model minimizes financial risk and prioritizes your learning experience. Credits can be seamlessly transferred to ASU or other institutions.

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Ask a Biologist

Dive into the fascinating world of biology with ASU’s award-winning educational program. Engage with interactive stories, in-depth lessons and fun games — perfect for young scientists eager to explore the natural world.

I currently work as a special education / biology teacher in Oklahoma. I love this site and the resources that are available. I’ve used it for the past several years when trying to bring biomes to life for my students. I just wanted to make sure you knew how appreciative I and my group of students are for this work!

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ASU Preparatory Academy

ASU Prep blends digital tools with direct access to ASU faculty and courses, offering more than 200 pathways that transcend grade levels. The ASU Prep model prepares students for future academic and career success.