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Open online learning at ASU

Explore ASU initiatives designed to make high-quality education accessible to all, regardless of location or background.

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Learning Sparks:
ignite your curiosity, five minutes at a time

Learning Sparks’ short-form, open-access videos make complex ideas accessible and engaging, covering topics from artificial intelligence to bioinformatics. Perfect for learners of all ages to explore new areas and industries, Learning Sparks offers a unique way to start learning.

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Study Hall: your journey to college begins here

Study Hall makes the journey to college easier to navigate, and it starts on YouTube. Open-access videos help prospective students navigate the college application process, choose a major, and succeed academically. Ready for the next step? Study Hall also provides first-year ASU courses with transferable credits.

So happy 🔥🔥🔥 I’m 24 and finally feeling motivated to go to school and Study Hall and fast guides has been such a necessary resource for me, the videos help me feel so much less scared about starting the whole process!

–Study Hall learner

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Arizona PBS: learning and resources for everyone

Arizona PBS offers a diverse range of educational content to over 1.5 million households. Through ASU collaborations like COMPASS for Courage, Arizona PBS provides essential resources for educators and families, enhancing community knowledge and wellbeing.

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Global Launch: prepare for success on an international stage

Global Launch prepares international students and professionals for global success with comprehensive English language training and university preparedness programs. From online English courses to immersive campus experiences, Global Launch has been a gateway to higher education and professional advancement for over a million learners.

Woman showing ASU school spirit

“I’m really amazed by everything that I have experienced here. I have met more than 20 people from more than eight countries around the world that I would not have met otherwise. I even started learning a bit of Spanish and other languages, so I have to say that is the most important part of this summer experience that I appreciate for myself and my future career.” 

—Katarina Scepanovic
Montenegro Global Launch participant

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The Najafi Global Learners Initiative: education without barriers

The Najafi Global Learners Initiative offers online, global education from a world-class accredited institution at absolutely no cost to learners across the globe. The initiative advances Thunderbird’s mission to empower and influence global leaders and managers who maximize the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for business, government, society and the environment.

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This was one of the best decisions of my life. The content is timely; it broadened my mindset and my understanding of additional aspects of business. I now have the desire to pursue more learning, and I hope to take more courses from Thunderbird in the future.”
—Joan, The Najafi Global Learners Initiative Learner

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Baobab: building leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa

In partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, Baobab aims to develop transformational leaders across sub-Saharan Africa. This social learning network provides a vibrant community and a wealth of resources to foster growth and leadership among its members, targeting 100,000 scholarships by 2030.

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DreamBuilder: empowering women through free entrepreneurial training

Available in both Spanish and English, DreamBuilder is a free online training and certification program that consists of courses covering the foundational business knowledge needed to start and grow a small business. Initially the program focused on women entrepreneurs and today it is used globally by more than 120,000 women and men of all ages who want to pursue their dreams of business ownership.

DreamCatcher: Investing in the power of Native American women entrepreneurs

Project DreamCatcher provides an empowering, no-cost business development experience specifically tailored for Native American women entrepreneurs from Arizona tribes. Hosted at Thunderbird Global Headquarters, this week-long immersion includes culturally relevant business instruction, networking opportunities and visits to successful indigenous businesses.