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Unlock your future with ASU’s Universal Pathways

At ASU, we believe that every learner deserves an accessible path to college. Our programs are designed to remove common barriers such as high costs and restrictive admission policies — making college more achievable for all.

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ASU’s Universal Learner Courses

Learn online at your own pace with ASU’s Universal Learner Courses. Over 70 first-year courses allow learners of all backgrounds to explore new fields or deepen existing knowledge without the financial pressure.

You have the option to earn college credits after completing the course, choosing to pay only if you are satisfied with your grade. This unique model minimizes financial risk and prioritizes your learning experience. Credits can be seamlessly transferred to ASU or other institutions.

Accelerate ASU is playing a huge role in helping me earn a college degree while being dually enrolled in high school. Registration is easy, and the courses are state-of-the-art and inspiring. It’s an amazing opportunity to earn college credits from a top-name university at a greatly reduced cost.

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Earned Admission at ASU

A college degree is within reach for everyone through ASU’s Earned Admission — a flexible, low-risk pathway to college if you already have a high-school degree.

Through Earned Admission, learners take Universal Learner Courses online from ASU leading faculty to earn college credits. Aspiring students experience college and only pay the full course amount when it’s added to their transcript — completed with a C or better. After finishing the coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.75, they are guaranteed a spot at ASU, or they can transfer earned credits toward a degree at another institution.

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I am a mom of two toddlers (a four year old and two year old when I began my journey), a full-time employee and a small business owner. I initially planned to transfer to ASU after my Associates Degree. To start with ASU sooner, I chose Earned Admission. Now, I’ve graduated from ASU Summa Cum Laude in Tourism and Recreation Management. Without Earned Admission, I might still be struggling to improve my GPA.

Genevieve Martin Del CampoEarned Admission Learner and ASU Alumni
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Accelerate ASU

Students who complete college courses in high school are more likely to go to college than those who don’t. That’s why we created Accelerate ASU — a flexible way to experience college, in high school. Partnerships with high schools across the country enable students to take courses designed by ASU faculty and that align with ASU degrees.