We are building an ecosystem for lifelong learning.

We believethe current education system needs re-imagination. The rigid and linear design of traditional education models is neither an effective ladder to social and economic opportunity for all learners nor responsive to rapidly evolving societal and workforce needs.

Learning Enterprise (LE) serves as one of three core functions of the ASU Enterprise, along with Academic Enterprise (AE) and Knowledge Enterprise (KE).

LE was launched to serve learners across their entire lifespan, from kindergarten to high school to mid-career to postretirement - this requires us to   re-imagine the role of universities in society.

LE will strive to evolve the way that learning offerings and experiences are designed to meet learner, workforce, and community needs, both in the U.S. and around the world. LE’s learning offerings will be designed to be accessible, tech-enabled, outcomes-driven, and evidence-based.

We are guided by the belief that everyone should have universal access to education and opportunity, at every stage of life.